International A level Chemistry

Cambridge Assessment International Education (formerly known as CIE, Cambridge International Examinations) is internationally benchmarked qualifications providing excellent preparation for university education.

CIE Chemistry Revision Notes

1  Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry  Download 

2  Atomic Structure                                 Download

3  Chemical bonding                               Download

4  States of matter                                   Download

5  Chemical energetics                           Download

6  Electrochemistry                                Download

7  Equilibria                                           Download

8  Reaction Kinetics                              Download

9  Periodicity                                         Download

10 Group 2                                            Download

11 Halogens                                          Download

12 Transition metals                             Download

13 Nitrogen and Sulfur                         Download

14 Organic                                            Download

15 Hydrocarbons                                  Download

16 Halogenoalkanes                             Download

17 Alcohols                                          Download

18 Aldehydes and Ketones                   Download

19 Carboxylic acids and derivatives    Download

20 Nitrogen compounds                      Download

21 Polymers                                        Download

22 Analytical techniques                    Download

23 Organic synthesis                          Download

Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education provides education programs and

qualifications to students worldwide. It offers a wide range of internationally recognized

qualifications, including Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level,

Cambridge Pre-U, and Cambridge AICE Diploma.

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers a range of qualifications

across various subject areas, including Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages,

and Business. These qualifications are recognized by universities and employers

worldwide and provide students with a pathway to further study or employment.

The Cambridge International curriculum is designed to provide students with a 

broad and balanced education, with an emphasis on developing critical thinking, 

problem-solving, and communication skills. The curriculum is designed to be flexible,

allowing schools to tailor their programs to meet the needs of their students.

Cambridge Assessment International Education operates in over 160 countries,

with over 10,000 schools offering its programs. It is committed to ensuring that

its qualifications are accessible to all students, regardless of their background or location.

The mission of Cambridge Assessment International Education is to provide learners 

with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

It aims to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the challenges

of the 21st century.

The Cambridge International curriculum is based on the latest research and best 

practices in education, and is designed to be relevant, engaging, and challenging

for students. The curriculum is supported by a wide range of resources, including

textbooks, online resources, and teacher training programs.

In addition to qualifications, Cambridge Assessment International Education also 

offers professional development programs for teachers and school leaders. These

programs are designed to support the development of teaching and learning practices

that are effective and innovative.

CAIE is also committed to providing students with a fair and transparent 

assessment system. Its assessments are designed to be rigorous and challenging,

but also fair and accessible to all students. The assessment process is designed to

provide students with feedback on their progress and to help them develop the 

skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Overall, Cambridge Assessment International Education is a leading provider of 

international education programs and qualifications, with a commitment to 

excellence, innovation, and accessibility. Its programs are designed to prepare 

students for success in a rapidly changing world, and to support the development 

of teachers and school leaders who are committed to providing high-quality education.

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