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How to teach online
Teaching is the most sacred profession in this world and throughout the history of the mankind teachers are respected the most.
Teaching online is not anymore impossible or difficult.
Technology has broken physical barriers between the student and the teacher. With the advancement of technology people get connected across the globe. With everyday passing many teachers learn how to do online teaching and start there online tutoring career.

But how can you become an online tutor.
Well I will try my best here to breakdown the topic and explain all that you need to do to become a successful online tutor.
This article is not the end of this topic however a good starting point for beginners. You can write me for further comments. I feel pleasure if I can help any tutor. Also I would be more than happy if you can add something helpful for teachers in this article.

Why online tutoring?
Online teaching helps both the student and the teacher to interact anytime from any part of the world. It gives you the time and location freedom. You do not need to travel and waste your valuable time. It gives you the chance to interact with the people of different countries and cultures.
Essential Tools for online tutoring
As an online tutor you need
1.    Voice and video calling option.
2.    You need screen share option
3.    You need interactive online whiteboard
4.    You need Digital pen and pad
Here in this article I will not be able to discuss all the available free and paid options. I am going to write another article on the Essential Tools for online tutoring, there I will explain you guys in detail.

How to find students to teach online?
This is the most important question. There is not a one method rather a bunch of options for you to try and see what works best for you.
You can register yourself on the different online tutoring websites or you can promote yourself on social media. You can create a blog for online tutoring and promote it through social media and paid advertisement.
I will be soon writing a detailed article on how to find students to teach online.
 Here is the list of  the tools required for online tutoring
As an online tutor you need
1.    Voice and video calling option.
2.    You need screen share option
3.    You need interactive online whiteboard
4.    You need Digital pen and pad

1.  Skype
Skype is one of the most awesome tools in my opinion which you can use to talk and teach. It’s free and has better sound quality. Most important feature is its screen share. When sharing screen, you can only show your screen and not give control to your student. No option for control transfer to the student is the only demerit of the tool.

2.  Online Whiteboards
This is the master piece of the technology and I am most fascinated with it. Online whiteboard technology has brought a revolution in the education sector. Online whiteboards are just like whiteboards and blackboards of our real world. You can write or draw online and it would be visible to the students in real time. You can write on an online whiteboard while talking on Skype with your student and it feels as if you are actually on the two sides of the same table in the same room.
Open sankore is what I like the most as a whiteboard .However there are many other you can try and see what works best for you.
The other option available are

Digital pen
Digital pen is optional. Everybody doesn’t need a digital pen. If in lesson you don’t have to write anything rather you explain the concept by the lecture method only, then you don’t need it. It’s helpful only when you are teaching a subject like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and you may need lot of writing or drawing. Here the digital pen is a must. The best thing about digital pen is that you can hold them like a normal pen and when you draw something on your pad it is visible on the screen to both the student and the teacher.
digital pen and pad
Bilal ahmad khoja
Lecturer chemistry
Online tutor (Online tutoring experience more than 3000 hours)

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