From my ten years of online and off-line tutoring experience, I have concluded that for successful tutor you must have developed 3Ps in your personality

1 Always Be Prepared

2. Dressing sense – Professional.

3. Behave -- Professionally

1 Always Be Prepared

You need to be ready to take any topic , any time ,from your subject so that you benefit from any opportunity that arises. When you are prepared and when your students ask you thing and you reply in time, you automatically brand yourself as an authority in the field.
Students get a “BELIEF” in you.
You may have received many leads for the online trial classes and when you it on right-away, you mark an eternal impression on the student and that gives you a chance to get more students and spread more knowledge.

For this you need to “LOVE” your subject.

2. Dressing sense – Professional.


This point, I feel, everyone knows that if you see someone wearing 

good looking dress, automatically it creates a positive impression, 

even before engaging with him in conversation.So as tutor, have a 

proper dress that can impress your student and it creates a positive

 impression about you in him.

So don’t take as a small thing. Take it seriously and see the effect.

Your dress will talk about you even when you have not started any

 conversation with your student.

3. Behave – Professionally

This one is the most important factor. When you deliver you lecture,

 talk positively and take the topics seriously. Start with a positive

 note and listen to your students with patience.

You have to behave positively within and outside the classroom.

With these  3ps  , students will see you  as person of influence and 

 chances are more that they spread the word about your tutoring


Bilal ahmad khoja

Lecturer chemistry

Online tutor (Online tutoring experience more than 6000 hours)

Website     http://www.sidza.com


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