My Video Lectures

I am a chemistry Lecturer. Reaching out to students and giving them free education is what I love the most. My primary objective of creating this blog is to contribute to giving this world a free and accessible source of chemistry.
I believe every child has the right to education , and every poor child has the right to free and accessible source   of education. With education costs growing at staggeringly high costs it's very important for all the educators around the world to discuss some ways to get a free education by some less than a traditional method.
I personally Found you-Tube and the best tools to use in my mission of free education. we have some free education sources already like , etc but that is not enough. 
Here are video lectures on youtube and I have categorized them chapter-wise here to get a clear navigation. 

What steps you should follow to get success

Dear students You should always follow the below mentioned steps to get maximum benefit from my video lectures.
1. Watch the video lectures in a sequence that are given , do not jump from one topic to another
2. Watch the video lectures carefully , make sure there is no disturbance around .
3.While watching those video lectures make short  lecture notes on your copy and and highlight the important ones.
4.Do more practice problems and try some questions on the same topic from previous years question papers
5. Make sure you make a revision of the topic in next 48 hours.
6. Still some doubts Feel free to Contact me and I will try to clear the concept immediately.
7. Take online test for any topic from which is completely free and gives you the instant result of your test.This website has wonderful system for taking an online test.
Benefits of Learning from
1. Flexibility
2. Zero cost
4.Self paced Learning
5. No Time-loss in traveling.
6. Security.  
The most important benefit of online learning is that it gives you a "time and location freedom". You can customize your learning environment.  
By managing your time and tasks it gives you the chance to learn "self-discipline" and hence you grow as an individual.